If you’ve been playing golf in the past 10 years (or even just watching The Golf Channel), you have heard of golf fitness.  But what exactly is “golf fitness”?  Is it somehow different than “regular fitness”?

Golf Fitness, like any other sport-specific training, is derived from the philosophy that all humans are built to move You are a human before you are an athlete, and you are an athlete before you are a golfer.  Getting your body on track by eliminating asymmetries, correcting postural imbalances, increasing mobility and strengthening your core will lay a solid foundation for golf-specific training.  After that comes more advanced neuro-muscular training to get the right muscles firing at the right times.  Finally, strength and power movements focused around rotation, hip drive, and transfer of energy through your mid-section can really help you achieve new heights as a golfer.


Twin Willows is here to help.  Nicole Ward is a TPI Certified Personal Trainer and has been helping athletes improve their game for over 10 years now.  Nicole is the owner and master trainer at DRIVE Sports Performance & Personal Training, conveniently located at Twin Willows.

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